Bentley Jewellery

Bentley Jewellery

Partnerships Forged by nature, crafted by hand

For over 100 years, Bentley Motors has created cars that combine striking design with intricate craftsmanship. Now they have done the same in the world of jewellery. Introducing the Bentley Jewellery Collection, a range of unique pieces showcasing Bentley’s dedication to pioneering design, exceptional craftsmanship and exquisite, ethically sourced materials.

Extraordinary Jewellery

Launched in 2019, the Bentley Jewellery collection is a range of feminine pieces, sculpted in flowing shapes inspired by the graceful contours of Bentley cars. Each piece features captivating symmetrical shapes that reflect the unfurled wings of the Bentley logo and possesses a contemporary yet timeless beauty.


Exceptional, rare materials

Bentley Jewellery is crafted using only ethically sourced diamonds, precious metals and rare gemstones. 18k white, yellow and rose gold are used in harmony with platinum and diamonds to draw the eye to the striking design of each piece. Many of these carefully selected materials have taken millions of years to form, before being carefully shaped in to the elegant curves for which Bentley is renowned.


Precious Gemstones

The introduction of precious coloured gemstones brings a new dimension to the Bentley Jewellery collection. The stunning precious coloured gems are selected, cut and polished in the town of Idar-Oberstein, globally renowned as the centre of the high-end gemstone world.

The array of colours within the fine jewellery collection mirrors the rainbow of exterior paint colours available to Bentley customers. The yellows, oranges and pinks of Padparadscha sapphires and Mandarin garnets pay tribute to the distinctive glow of the Bacalar, while the enchanting violets, purples and blues of tanzanites are reminiscent of Bentley’s iconic Sequin Blue paint colour.

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A dedication to craftsmanship

Handcrafted by industry-leading artisans, the collection is created using a perfectly balanced combination of the best traditional techniques and innovative production methods. For a piece of jewellery as individual as you are, our team of highly skilled designers and craftspeople can create bespoke pieces to your exact specification. From sourcing rare stones from every corner of the world to sculpting pieces in a variety of metals, our team are on hand to create a piece of jewellery you will treasure forever.

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A passion for detail

Bentley Jewellery is a collaboration between two companies with a long heritage of exceptional quality: Bentley Motors and Heinz Mayer. A pioneering, family-owned jewellery manufacturer dating back to 1599, Heinz Mayer share Bentley’s passion for bespoke craftsmanship, exquisite detailing and a passion for authentic, sustainable materials. Together the companies have created a unique range of fine jewellery with recognisable Bentley design features incorporated into every piece.

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