Bentley Blower Bronze Sculpture


A timeless sculpture sure to make a statement in any home, this bronze desk sculpture of the Bentley Blower is the perfect gift for yourself or a loved one. Handcrafted in England, the bronze model is artistic depiction of  legendary Bentley Boy Sir Henry ‘Tim’ Birkin at the wheel of his Bentley Blower during the French Grand Prix in 1930.

Pure bronze on a Black granite plinth.

Dimensions: W 24 x D 9 x H 10cm

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Sculpted to Perfection

Bentley’s cars and drivers are a powerful source of inspiration for artists, designers, film-makers and novelists. Uniquely sculpted to create three beautiful designs, each limited edition sculpture carefully crafted in Britain using traditional methods.


Before the sculpture is crafted in clay and bronze, the sculptor first explores the design through drawing. Sketching allows the artist to consider and refine designs before committing to 3D model.

Having established a design on paper, a 3D sketch model - or maquette - is produced to clarify and refine the sculpture further. Continuous development and refinement of the sculpture allows the finished artwork to emerge.


When the original clay sculpture is completed, it is then cast in bronze using the ‘lost wax’ method. A mould of the sculpture is made to allow the casting of a wax copy. The wax is then encased in a fire-proof coating. This coated wax is heated, causing the wax to be melted out or ‘lost’ and leaving a cavity in the shape of the original artwork. Molten bronze is then poured into the void left by the ‘lost wax’. When the metal has begun to cool and set, the fire-proof shell is removed to reveal the bronze cast. Finally, the sculpture is hand finished and patinated.

Brilliant down to the smallest detail