Bomber For Bentley

Bomber For Bentley

Partnerships Test your limits with Bomber for Bentley

Bentley’s partnership with artisan ski equipment maker Bomber Ski continues to develop. Beginning in 2019 with the introduction of limited-edition skis, it has grown to encompass new ski designs for 2022, alongside helmets and poles created to complete your winter look.

Expertly engineered and effortlessly beautiful, Bomber for Bentley ski equipment enables you to push yourself to the limits without inhibition.

The Ice Edition Ski

Limited to just 200 pairs and made using Bomber’s signature wooden-core sandwich construction, the Ice Edition Ski offers the ultimate in comfort and precision for all levels of skier, whatever the conditions.

Finished in grey and white, with stunning silver-plated 3D diamond inserts, their design ensures even distribution of edge pressure for added stability and agility – everything you need for an exhilarating skiing experience.

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The Centenary Ski

Graced with 24-karat gold-plated diamond detailing inspired by the 2019 EXP 100 GT concept car, the Limited Edition Centenary Ski is a tribute to Bentley’s Centenary. Handcrafted over 32 hours in Bomber’s boutique factory, the luxury ski is incomparable at high speeds and boasts quick turn initiation. With only 100 pairs in production, it’s a standout choice for the slopes.   

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The Black Diamond Edition ski

Finished in sleek gloss black with the distinctive Bentley diamond motif across the surface, the Black Diamond Edition ski boasts a level of design execution that’s never been seen from other manufacturers. Limited to 200 pairs, its unique textured finish is a rare find on the slopes and further extenuates the dynamic and robust nature of the design. Inimitable tooling and craftsmanship processes further add to its exclusivity, including the pressing process used to produce the sharp lines of the diamond motif.

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The range of Bomber for Bentley skis is now joined by luxurious helmet and poles.

The helmet, offers protection to the CE EN 1077 CLASS A standard, are made from Kevlar and carbon fibre. With the Bentley wings emblems displayed on both sides, it includes an integrated and removable photochromic visor and a patented fragrance release system to keep the inside of the helmet fresh all day long.

The poles, meanwhile, combine carbon fibre and aluminium construction with eco-leather handles inspired by the gear levers in vintage Bentleys – for maximum comfort at all times.

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