Cookie Policy

  1. What is a cookie?
  2. How does Bentley Motors use cookies?
  3. Site performance cookies
  4. Anonymous analytics cookies
  5. Registration cookies
  6. Third party cookies
  7. The cookies we use
  8. Removing cookies
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1. What is a cookie? -

A cookie is a small text file that is stored by your browser (e.g. Internet Explorer or Safari) on your device (e.g. computer or phone). They enable websites to store user information such as preferences and settings. Cookies basically allow websites to remember users and their preferred settings for that particular site, enabling the site to respond accordingly.

2. How does Bentley Motors use cookies?

Information supplied by cookies can help us to analyse the profile of our visitors and help us to provide you with a better user experience. For example, if on a previous visit you went to our Grand Touring pages, we might find this out from your cookie and highlight lifestyle related information on your second and subsequent visits. Certain areas of the Bentley Motors website use cookies for specific reasons (e.g., to help a vehicle visualiser effectively on your device).

3. Site performance cookies

Site performance cookies remember preferences set by the user for tools found on Bentley Motors websites, meaning you don't have to reset them on each visit, e.g. Video Player settings.

4. Anonymous analytics cookies

Anonymous analytics cookies can tell us whether or not you have visited the site before.

Every time a user visits our website, web analytics software provided by a third party generates a cookie.

Your browser will let us know if you have these cookies or not, if you do not we will generate new ones. This allows us to track individual unique users and how often they are visiting Bentley Motors websites.

These cookies cannot be used to identify individuals unless they are signed in to the Bentley Motors website. If the user is not signed in then the cookies are used for statistical purposes only. If you are signed in we will know the details supplied for this purpose such as username and email address.

In order to optimise, enhance and improve your experience we use the following cookies to run alternative versions of pages as tests.

5. Registration cookies

Registration cookies signal to us whether the user is signed in or not, once registered with Bentley Motors websites.

We use these cookies to determine which account you are signed in with and which services you are allowed access to. It also allows us to link comments and posts with the correct username.

As long as you have not selected 'keep me signed in' the cookies will be deleted when you logout, close your browser or shut down your computer.

6. Third party cookies

Please note that during your visits to Bentley Motors websites you may notice some cookies that are not related to Bentley Motors or its contractors. When you visit a page with content embedded from YouTube or Flickr, you may be presented with cookies from these websites. Bentley Motors does not control these cookies. You should check the relevant third party websites for more information regarding these cookies.

We would like to draw your attention to the fact that the Bentley Motors website now carries embedded 'share' buttons to enable users of the site to easily share articles with their friends through a number of popular social networks. These sites may set a cookie when you are also logged in to their service. Bentley Motors does not control the dissemination of these cookies and you should check the relevant third party website for more information about these.

7. The cookies we use 

Bentley Motors Shop utilises the Shopify ecommerce platform, this means that some cookies are necessary to allow you to browse our website, use its features, and access secure areas. The use of these cookies is essential for the website to work, and we do not use these cookies to collect personal information about you. For example, we use user-input cookies for the duration of a session to keep track of a user’s input when filling in forms that span several pages.

We also use functional cookies to remember choices you’ve made or information you’ve provided, such as your username, language, or the region you are in. This allows us to tailor your website experience specifically to your preferences. For example, authentication cookies are functional cookies that are used for the duration of a session (or persistent, if you agree to the “remember me” function) to allow users to authenticate themselves on subsequent visits or to gain access to authorized content across pages. The functional cookies we use include:

Shopify is dedicated to user experience and we use many tools to help us improve our website. To this end, we use performance cookies to collect information about how you use our website and how often. These cookies only gather information for statistical purposes and do not gather any information that can personally identify you. However, because these cookies are not strictly necessary for the use of our website, we require your consent to use them. The performance cookies we use include:

Targeting cookies are used on our website to tailor marketing to you and your interests and provide you with a more personalized service in the future. These cookies remember that you visited our website and we may share this information with third-parties, such as advertisers. Although these cookies can track your visits to our website and other sites, they typically cannot personally identify you. Without these cookies, the advertisements that you see may be less relevant and interesting to you. We do not use third-party advertising cookies.

Finally, Social plug-in tracking cookies are used by many social networks that have “social plug-in modules”. We integrate these modules into our platform to provide services than can be considered as “explicitly requested” by our users. Your consent, however, is required because some third-party social plug-in tracking cookies are used for things like behavioural advertising, analytics, and/or market research.

More information is available at:

3rd party cookies

Source site



Google Analytics

utma, utmt, utmb, utmc, utmz, utmv

Used for site statistics

Omniture SiteCatalyst

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Used for site statistics


hjClosedSurveyInvites, hjDonePolls, hjMinimizedPolls, hjDoneTestersWidgets, hjMinimizedTestersWidgets, hjIncludedInSample

Used for site statistics, tests and improvements

Google Optimize


Used for site tests and improvements

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Used in social sharing



Used in social sharing


c_user, act, fr, spin, pl, sb, xs, wd

Create audiences for re-targeting

guest_id, k, twll, external_referer

Used in social sharing

8. Removing cookies

Bentley Motors will not use cookies to collect personally identifiable information about you. However, if you wish to restrict or block the cookies which are set by Bentley Motors websites, or any other website, you can do this through your browser settings. The Help function within your browser should tell you how, or you can use one of the following links:

Alternatively, you may wish to visit which contains comprehensive information on browsers (as above), how to delete cookies from your computer and more general information. For information on how to do this on the browser of your mobile phone you will need to refer to your handset manual.

Please be aware that restricting cookies may impact on the functionality of the Bentley Motors website.

Bentley Motors use a number of suppliers who also set cookies on our websites on our behalf in order to deliver the services that they are providing.

For further information regarding cookies, you may find the following links of interest:

For further legal information regarding privacy issues, you may find the following links on interest: