1:8 Continental GT Bespoke


Commission an immaculately faithful replica scale model of the new Continental GT, 2018 model year, and exercise your flair and creativity in its design. Choose your preferred paint, interior colour split, veneer, wheels and seat design to build a fully personalised and exclusive replica.

Bespoke orders will be handled by our experienced customer service team. The team will make contact following your online order to discuss your individual requirements and confirm order details and timing.

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Masterpieces in miniature

Meticulous attention to detail and thousands of hours of work go into crafting the exquisite scale model of the new Continental GT.

Admire the new Bentley Continental GT, model year 2018, at close range and you will be thrilled by the exacting details, including the immaculate steering wheel cross-stitching and lustrous veneer throughout the carefully crafted cabin. Not only can these features be found within our cars, they are also available to enjoy in a bespoke 1:8 model. Everything from the paint, hide and colour configuration to the seat quilting or fluting, veneer and alloys, can be tailored to your individual specification.

Data from the real Bentley Continental GT was used to create the initial stunning scale model, the crafting of which took approximately 3,000 man-hours. This is now used as the template to be replicated in scrupulous detail for each new order.

To ensure complete accuracy, the initial model was assembled under the close supervision and expert scrutiny of the Bentley Styling team, and is now painstakingly replicated for each model upon order. More than 1,000 pieces are used to hand-build the collector's piece, which takes around 300 hours. All colours and finishes are precision-matched to Bentley's authentic exterior paints, leathers and veneers for  truly exquisite piece.