Ebony Wood Fountain Pen


A passion for unrivalled craftsmanship and unmistakable design unites Graf von Faber-Castell and Bentley in this exquisite collection of writing instruments. 

The lightly textured ebony barrel makes each pen in this collection unique. Each pen cap is adorned with the iconic Bentley B surrounded by filigree knurling whilst elaborately milled rings inspired by the distinctive Bentley diamond-quilt pattern decorate the platinum-plated front and end pieces.

The combination of an 18-carat gold nib and iridium tip delivers a smooth and precise writing experience that makes writing with this magnum-sized fountain pen incredibly special. 

Material: 18ct gold nib, iridium tip, platinum pieces and an ebony wood barrel. 

Made in Germany and presented in a luxury gift box.

Dimensions: 143mm x 21mm x 18mm

Nib size: M

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Graf von Faber Castell for Bentley

Bentley and Graf von Faber-Castell both stand for exceptional products of outstanding value of classic elegance, passion for precision and unmistakable design. Embodying the relationship between the brands, there are three collections of writing instruments and accessories combining the iconic Bentley brand with the timeless expertise of Graf von Faber Castell.

Ebony Wood

Ebony is one of the most opulent and hardest precious woods in the world. The natural distinctions in the lightly textured black wood of the ebony barrels help to illustrate the individual character of each pen, that will one day become intimately familiar to their unique owners. The subtly textured black wood gives the barrel its individual character, making every pen within the ebony wood collection unique.

Precious Gold

On the fountain pen, the combination of a magnum-sized 18-carat gold nib and iridium tip delivers a smooth and precise writing experience, each individually ‘run in’ by hand during the production process.  The durability and rarity of this precious metal make this an exceptionally beautiful finishing touch.


The Design

Featuring subtle design cues from Bentley cars, such as Bentley's iconic 'B' and intricate knurling pattern on each cap, mirroring Bentley gear sticks. The distinctive Bentley diamond pattern completes the platinum-plated ends of the pen. Each piece in the Graf von Faber Castell for Bentley range have been designed in collaboration with Bentley's styling department,  successfully translating Bentley's design DNA into these exceptionally crafted products.

Brilliant down to the smallest detail