Mens Graphite Golf Set with Cart Bag


Ideal for a wide spectrum of players, this complete Bentley Golf set contains Japanese handcrafted pieces, leaving you with an unforgettable experience and unrivalled performance. Each set contains 14 golf clubs, wood and putter head-covers and a golf cart bag. The golf clubs include full Classic line woods, irons, wedges and putter.

Compared to the steel shaft option, the graphite shafts deliver a higher energy transfer through the shaft to the club head producing higher ball speed and thus further distance. The graphite shaft also reduce the overall weight of the club aiding in fast club head speed.

All Bentley Golf clubs have our ultra soft, luxurious PU pin holed grip, coupled with a premium metal medallion in the grip cap.

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Drawing heavily from the DNA of Bentley cars, from the rear arch haunch line to the front wing of the Mulsanne, our design influence is evident across the Bentley Golf range. Signature Bentley details, such as our distinctive knurling pattern, can be found on the club end caps, whilst luxurious diamond quilting is a hidden delight within the bags and luggage. Stepping from your car onto the Golf course will now feel like a seamless transition.


A fusion of traditional styling and cutting edge technology, designed for control and distance. The Bentley Woods range come with a graphite shaft using the finest Japanese materials, painstakingly designed for the Bentley range. The adjustable weight system is placed low to the rear of the sole, producing a high launching, low spinning drive; perfect for adding distance in both carry and roll, while also negating sidespin.

The Bentley BD1 Driver has a premium forged titanium body coupled with an ultra thin crown resulting in a lower centre of gravity. No paint is used on the fully hand-polished head. On course with the BD1 you will experience a golf club working in complete unison between the head and the shaft, producing impressive controllable distance.

The Bentley BF1 Fairway has a maraging steel face coupled with a one piece 17-4 stainless steel body designed for explosive distance whilst retaining a responsive feel off the club face. On course with the BF1 you will experience ultimate control from tee to green without compromising distance.

The perfect combination between Fairway and Hybrid delivering incredible versatility in all playing conditions. The Bentley BU1 Utility has a maraging steel face coupled with a one piece 17-4 stainless steel body designed for explosive distance while retaining a responsive feel off the club face. On course with the BU1 utility you will experience effortless performance from heavy rough to sprawling fairways making it a go-to club in the bag.

With a sleek sculpted look the BH1 Hybrid mimics a long iron to perfection offering unrivalled playability. The Bentley BH1 has a maraging steel face coupled with a one piece 17-4 stainless steel body designed for explosive distance while retaining a responsive feel off the club face. On course with the BH1 Hybrid you will experience effortless shot shaping ability in a compact luxury design.


The Bentley BC2 Cavity Iron is the most forgiving iron in the Classic Line. The head has been designed utilising multi piece construction, which enables the face to be a constant thickness making the head extremely forgiving, no matter where on the face you hit the ball. This sleek and refined cavity back iron features a piano back face and is forged from ultra premium S25C mild carbon steel body and a 3.5mm carbon steel face that helps in delivering exceptional feel and performance. The wider sole, longer body, progressive offset and thicker top line are mixed perfectly with handcrafted shafts made from Graphite.

The characteristic curves of the Bentley range are displayed in this refined versatile Wedge range.The Bentley BW1 wedges are hand forged In Japan from ultra premium S25C mild carbon steel delivering exceptional feel. The heads are then CNC milled to offer unrivalled consistency and performance. Coupled with handcrafted shafts made from graphite, the Bentley BW1 Wedge effortlessly glides through turf offering drop and stop performance with responsive soft feel off the club face, designed for all playing conditions. 

The Bentley BP2 Putter is a mid mallet design, milled from a single block of forged S25C carbon steel. With familiar curved haunch lines on the sole, coupled with the stunning engine milling on the putter face, the BP2 provides an unrivalled soft yet responsive feel. The Bentley BP2 putter comes with a graphite shaft featuring an exceptionally low torque tip, for stunning consistency and feel off the face. On course with the Bentley BP2 putter you will experience effortless distance control, ease of alignment and consistent feel and performance due to the exquisite materials, design, and production technique.


Characterised by a level of luxury and performance never before seen on a golf course, the Bentley range of golf bags are water resistant and exceptionally detailed.

The Bentley Golf Cart Bag is hand crafted in a combination of ultra soft yet hard-wearing waterproof leather and water resistant technical fabric. The Bentley Cart bag comes with an array of features including rubber zip linings for extra water resistance, a cool pocket to keep drinks cold and a luxurious diamond quilted front pocket coupled with a fur lined valuables pocket. Our exquisite Cart Bag offers you the full versatility and spaciousness expected from a cart bag together with a lightweight and durable yet luxurious feel.

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