Bentley Momentum Unbreakable Eau De Parfum


Bentley Momentum Unbreakable Eau De Parfum


Designed for men with a trailblazing spirit, Bentley's Momentum Unbreakable is a new woody, floral and spicy scent. With top no... Read more

Designed for men with a trailblazing spirit, Bentley's Momentum Unbreakable is a new woody, floral and spicy scent. With top notes of violet leaves, Mandarin Sfuma and lavender and heart notes of immortelle, geranium and orris, the fragrance transcends from floral and earthy to a warm and musky base. These warmer notes consist of vetiver from Haiti, papyrus, patchouli and Dreamwood© - a sustainable alternative to the protected Mysore sandalwood. 

Inspired by the towering skyline of a modern metropolis, the multi-faceted bottle features a natural 'mica schist' stone plate that's unique to each bottle. Crafted through a fusion of century-old techniques and advanced technologies, the stone plate takes on an inimitable form and is reflective of the unique stone veneer options available in a Bentley. 

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The Bentley Collection is sold and distributed by Dowlis Inspired Branding Ltd.

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A bold new addition to the Momentum line

A spritz of Bentley Momentum Unbreakable is like a step into the extraordinary – a scent for today’s cool-hunters.

Woody, Floral and Spicy

Momentum Unbreakable opens with the earthy aromas of violet leaf and Mandarin Sfuma - the finest mandarin oil in the world - before transcending into a captivating blend of lavender, rosy geranium and delicate orris. The smoky scent of immortelle then introduces the fragrance’s woodier undertones, with facets of dried fruit, amber and liquorice. Haitian vetiver, warm papyrus, musky patchouli and creamy Dreamwood© complete the rich base.

Sourced through carbon-neutral biotechnology, Dreamwood© is a sustainable alternative to Mysore sandalwood, which is now protected in India. 100% natural, it has the same codes and smoldering scent as Mysore sandalwood essential oil, with an essence of sweetness.

Bold in Design

Reminiscent of an emerald-cut diamond, Momentum Unbreakable’s bottle has a robust exterior and is made of heavy, multi-faceted glass. The front of the bottle is adorned with a natural 'mica schist' stone plate, which contains reflective slivers of mica. The bottle draws inspiration from a finish crafted by Bentley Motors to customise its interior offerings: the stone veneer is a fusion of century-old craftsmanship and cutting-edge technologies. The result is variations in colour, pattern and texture which are almost impossible to imitate. 

An etched Bentley wings logo features on the stone plate, whilst the back of the bottle is clad with Bentley's distinctive knurling pattern. This highly tactile and striking design truly reflects who this fragrance is for - men with an unbreakable, trailblazing spirit.