Heritage Leather Holdall

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Traditionally crafted with a modern edge, this luxury leather holdall is created from soft cognac leather with a separate zipped compartment at the bottom. Featuring a straight fluting pattern, echoing the seats of the legendary Bentley Blower from the 1920's.

The interior showcases a jacquard lining and a styled image of the Bentley Blower.

Made in Italy from the finest quality Cognac leather.

Dimensions: 55cm(L) x 43cm(H) x 28cm(D)

Care instructions

To keep the product in excellent condition, protect from direct light, heat and liquids. Store with padding inside to prevent the bag from losing its shape between uses.   

Clean with a soft, dry cloth as required.

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The Heritage Collection

The Heritage Collection is a celebration of Bentley’s wins at Le Mans in 1927, 1928 and 1929. Taking influence from the time, the track and the lifestyle, it draws from a vintage palette – but with fresh accents that deliver a modern twist.

For the avid traveller

The traditional Leather Holdall is an essential accessory for those who love to travel. Crafted in Italy by skilled artisans from sumptuous Cognac leather, it features a straight fluting pattern which replicates the seats of the legendary Bentley Blower from the 1920’s. The jacquard lining in the interior of the bag features a sketch of the Bentley Blower, another tribute to the iconic car.  

The Legendary Bentley Blower

The Heritage Leather Holdall pays tribute to one of the most iconic cars from Bentley’s history – Sir Tim Birkin’s 1929 supercharged 4½-litre “Blower”. Only four original ‘Team Blowers’ were built for racing by Birkin in the late 1920s. No other pre-war Bentley had an impact like the supercharged 4½-litre ‘Blower’ Bentley. While it never won an endurance race, the Blower Bentley was the outright fastest race car of the day.

Sir Tim Birkin and The Bentley Boys

The Blower Bentleys were born from a philosophy devised by Sir Tim Birkin – a famous racing driver and Bentley Boy – to extract more speed from the Bentley racing cars of the day. In a failure to convince W.O Bentley to produce the supercharged Bentley Blower, he chose to use his own money with the help of supporters, to develop the legendary vehicle. It was a huge success on the track and he finished second at the French Grand Prix at Pau in the vehicle. A racing legend of the era, in 1932 he set an impressive record at Brooklands of 137.96mph.

Brilliant down to the smallest detail